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Get to know your coach.

Although you have a full time job, why did you choose to become a part-time coach?

First and foremost, because I am passionate about CrossFit. It therefore brings me great joy to share it with others.

I know being active isn't easy for everyone, so helping someone discover a new passion or new talents and maybe even discover pleasure in being active is extraordinary. The CrossFit methodology also allows me to find ways to guide people towards their best alternative no matter what the situation calls for.

It gives me the impression that I am making a small difference in someone's life and that is rewarding.

coach CrossFit Wonderland
Why did you choose to become a coach at CrossFit Wonderland

Because I thought it was a perfect complement to my other job, which is more conventional/ in the office. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I have always loved talking about my passion for sports , but having to pass it on through advice and having to speak in front of a group has required and still requires a lot of adaptation. It is a continuous work on myself that allows me to grow and evolve in several spheres of my life.

CrossFit Wonderland was the only place I felt comfortable taking that risk, but also because I had already learned so much as an athlete that I wanted to help others on their fitness journey.

What is your mission as a coach at CrossFit Wonderland?

Offer, shared my passion for CrossFit. This training methodology has changed my life very positively. I know first hand how powerful and transformative it can be, so I want to pay it forward. Who knows, maybe even change someone's life one day. 

For me, each class is an experience in itself. My mission is for each person to finish the class feeling proud to have moved, to have surpassed themselves, or simply to have showed up. Our realities are all different. We share a part of ourselves within the four walls of the gym. My goal is that that hour has a positive impact on the other hours of the day and eventually in all the other areas of your life. 

coach CrossFit Wonderland
What is your favorite part about coaching your athletes?

To see them surpass themselves or reach their goals. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the sense of accomplishment and achievement in someone's eyes.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a professional coach?

The little twinkle in the eye, the little smile, the watery eyes when someone does a PR.

CrossFit Wonderland
What is your coaching style?

I find myself very maternal in my approach. I want to guide them and give them the best of myself. I don't want to give them the answer, I want to help them to find it for themselves. I draw several parallels between my approach as a coach and my role as a mother.

What are you most proud of contributing to CrossFit Wonderland?

Launching the Mommy and me class.

As a mother I of two I have unique insight, knowledge and experience, from pregnancy to post-partum. Sharing my experience and helping other women navigate theirs. It's all about helping people find what works for them.

coach CrossFit Wonderland
Do you have any skills, experience, knowledge or athletic background people should know about? 

I have run multiple half-marathons. Running used to occupy a big place in my life.

I played soccer all the way to university, I love team training and its atmosphere.

Training during pregnancy and postpartum. I have a lot of knowledge due to my own personal experience and my various researches/readings on the subject.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do outside the gym?

I like to spend quality time with my kids, my family and my friends.

Read a good book.

Watch a good television series.

As a professional coach, what would you tell the person reading this who is on
the verge of starting but hesitates and hasn’t yet... They are nervous, scared, and doubting themselves. They don’t know if CrossFit is for them or if you can help them
change their life.

I am convinced that CrossFit is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to adopt an active lifestyle, regardless of their level of fitness. CrossFit is a training methodology, a sport, a way of life and a community. The beauty of this methodology is that it adapts to everyone's needs, limitations and goals.

So what does a CrossFitter "look like" to you?

A CrossFitter is someone who has realistic targets to get back in shape and who sets achievable goals. Someone who puts in the necessary effort, who listens when we suggest something, and who is curious to understand the reasons for our suggestions. Someone who is not afraid to scale a workout because they know they will get more benefit from it. Someone who is not afraid to try a movement, or if necessary will be open-minded to eventually try and therefore to surpass themselves. Someone who is supportive, who encourages others in a class. For me, a CrossFitter is about who you are, not what you can, or cannot do. 

CrossFit Wonderland
How do you deal with client inaction?

First of all, I believe it is important to understand why. Then, I think that being able to find and address each aspect of the problem independently, but also to put it in context by keeping the person at the center of the situation with a holistic approach, is the key. By using caring, listening and positive communication, I believe that we can help the individual realize certain things and what are the best ways to create change. Then, they are free to take action immediately or at a more convenient time.

How do you contribute and build Wonderland’s perceived value?

By emphasizing the positive that the healthy lifestyle associated with CrossFit can bring. No matter our age or our situation, being active in a community like CrossFit Wonderland provides several benefits; increased personal confidence, better physical shape, stress reduction, increased life balance, possibility of interacting with different people, personal growth, etc. I like to remind the people I coach that their progress goes beyond their current physical capacity.

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