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Mommy and Me & MomFit

Building long lasting habits

The reality of the pregnant and postpartum woman is unique to each person. We want to support you as you reintegrate physical activity to your routine by offering you a place and a comfortable atmosphere for you and your baby.

The goal: socialize, move and have fun!

The Mommy & Me program

For future mothers or mothers and their babies aged 6 months and under

This program will be the introduction to CrossFit and will be suitable for pregnant or postpartum women who want to slowly integrate exercise back into their daily lives.

The training is adapted to the abilities of each person. The goal is to socialize and move with other people who experience the same reality as you.


Membership length : 12 or 16 weeks

When: Tuesday and Thursday at 9h30am

Price : 120$+tx / 4 weeks

MomFit program

For mothers new to CrossFit or not whose child is 6 months and over, and those from Mommy & Me

MomFit classes will follow the CrossFit methodology, always adapted to the abilities of each person. The goal is to increase strength, improve endurance and continue to evolve as an athlete, while sharing the experience with your babies and other mothers.


Membership length : 8,12,16 or 20 weeks

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9h30am

Price : 180$+tx / 4 weeks

To learn more about the program and choose the right one for you, book your Mommy and Me consultation (free and online) now.

At Wonderland: Services

Hana M.

"I joined the MomFit class 6 months post partum and it's been amazing! I don't generally pay to exercise but I'm on my fourth month already. In addition to feeling strong, it's been a great place to socialize with other moms in similar phases, for my son to meet and play with other kids, and a SUPREME bonus is that the trainers are super hands on with your kids (if you want them to be) so that you can train in peace! Highly highly recommend."

Alicia R.-P.

The Mommy & Me and MomFIT classes at Wonderland changed my postpartum experience. I’ve actually had comments from people about how they’ve seen my mood shift completely since I started them!
The programming is thoughtful, fun, and perfect for returning to movement post partum. Experience in the gym, CrossFit, or not - the classes are for everyone and I really saw that. We all felt included and well taken care of (by a next level team of coaches), regardless of our experience in the gym! That and we made friends with other moms at our stage of postpartum, which has also been great for sharing experiences and tips.
The babies have fun too! They learned to play together and share, making the transition to daycare easier because they’re already used to leaving the house regularly and being social!
I could not recommend these classes or this gym more.

Mathilde M.

Quand j'ai découvert le programme Mommy&Me je me suis dit que c'est ce que je recherchais : un endroit où m'entraîner tout en ayant ma fille avec moi. 

Franchir la porte d'une box n'est pas toujours facile mais ça a été ma meilleure décision. Parce qu'au- delà de prendre soin de ma santé physique cela m'a permis de prendre soin de ma santé mentale et de comprendre que pour prendre soin de mon enfant il ne fallait pas que je m'oublie dans le processus. 

Christiane est sans aucun doute la coach qui me donne le plus envie de me dépasser alors merci pour ça et merci aussi à Maxine pour son travail. 

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