What are you AFRAID of ?

We obviously want to share our passions with our loved ones. Yet every time a CrossFitter tries to get one of their friends, coworker or family member to try it out they often get the same answer: No.


On both sides of the aisle, CrossFitters & non-CrossFitters, people fail to realize why they say no. Often times, it is the fear of the unknown.

Not knowing what to expect and/ or not knowing if they are capable of doing it is the issue. Some people have preconceived ideas of what CrossFit is, which aren't always accurate, sometimes it's about their ability level. When the two don't line up, fear arises.

Because you can't rationalise the unknown, you can't rationalise fear. Most people have trained before, even if it dates back to p.e. class. Most people have attempted a push up, a sit up, or a squat. Most people have lifted some sort of heavy object, although maybe not a barbell per se. You can tell them all this and try to reassure them, but it generally doesn't work. Because the sum of all those things and how they will be able to handle it is an unknown.

So what to do?

Remember that you are the one handing out the invitation. And that is all it is. You could invite them to go skiing, play tennis, go to the movie, go axe throwing, do an escape room, etc. The list could go on. You are not expecting people to love what you love, you just want to share that activity with them, because you enjoy it and you enjoy them.

The rest is up to them. So just say that.

If you are are on the receiving end, give it a try. Hopefully you have good friends that are looking out for your best interest. They are proposing this activity because they think you will enjoy it. AND finally, they will respect your decision if you choose not to pursue it further.

If you would like more information about CrossFit keep reading.


Here are some important facts that may help you ease your fears.

#1 We take you as you are: Nothing is expected of you in terms of ability. The goal of CrossFit is to help you progress and improve. Therefore the starting point is irrelevant. Consistency and hard work will get you to where you want to go. Plus every one in class is focussed on getting through their workout, so no one is paying attention to you.

#2 We recommend, we don't force you to do anything*: Based on a coaches knowledge and experience we will make suggestions, but - at least at Wonderland- we don't force people to use a specific weight or do a specific movement. To the contrary, in order to maximize your progress we try to give you the best middle ground possible. That's usually hard enough.

* Unless it's for your own safety or someone else's.

#3 Intensity is scalable: As you get more confortable you will be able to handle more intensity. This can come in the form of adding weight to an external object, moving faster or being able to do more complex movements. But every workout is different. The coach is there to help you by explaining the stimulus of the workout and therefore how to scale the intensity to an appropriate level for you.

#4 Hard is not fun, FUN is FUN: This should be the best hour of your day. By combining steps 1,2 & 3 we make sure that the time you spend with us will be enjoyable. Because if it isn't fun, you won't come back. Results are achieved through consistency. We want you to come back for more. 😉 We want you to get the results you want.

If you would like to come give us a try send us an email so we can set this up for you.



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