When the gym was mandated to close by the government a little over a month ago the first question we asked ourselves is: how can we keep helping our community achieve their goals.

Since everybody would be at home, we figured that nutrition would be a good place to focus on during this time. We obviously already provide nutritional services, but let's not kid ourselves, the main interaction we have with our community is about their fitness, not their nutrition.

So we accepted the challenge, moved our training online, but added nutritional mentoring to the mix at no extra charge to our existing community. At Wonderland we believe in pro choice, i.e. you can choose the diet that best suits you and your values based on information, but our starting point is the Zone diet.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we encouraged our community to post their meals in our private nutritional group. Although they were not all Zoned meals, you could see the growing effort, interest and knowledge being build day by day.

We took their pictures and recipes and turned them into this ebook. We Zoned all their recipes so that they would now have a reference point. The goal is to create a common language we can use when talking about nutrition.

Wonderlanders are amazing and we wanted to highlight it and show it to them. This is what we accomplish.

There are many cooking books out there, but none that focus on Zone. We wanted to provide this ressource to our community. Hopefully show them that it is not that complicated, and that they are already on the right path.

We hope it can help others too.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your fitness, nutrition and/ or lifestyle goals please reach out to us:

or fill out this form for ONLINE TRAINING or this one for IN PERSON TRAINING.

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