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Here is everything you need to know about our procedures for 2020:

1- The Best Hour of Your Day

60min that’s all that we ask. From whiteboard briefing to cool down and stretching. We want to make sure that you not only get the best 60min of your day, but also the most efficient and effective training. Not sure how to scale the workout, ask the coach. Injured and need something specific make sure you mention your needs to the coach so we can find a solution together. We will also be adding cool down and stretching more often to the end of class. If you are interested in knowing more about and why this is important feel free to talk to a coach. Finally, always make sure you wait for everyone to be done their workout before putting away your equipment. Stretch, go cheer someone on or catch your breath, these are all good options if you finish first.

2- Our most valuable resource is TIME

After our relationship with you, what we value most at Wonderland is time. In the very unlikely event that you are late for class here is the procedure to be followed if you do not wish to wait and join the next class.

  1. - If you are late and would like to participate in the class, please quickly and quietly get changed and come see the coach once you have done so.

  2. -Without disrupting the class, politely ask the coach if you may now join. The coach will assess if you can join the class based on factors like: programming, the amount of time you have missed, the energy you are bringing with you to class, etc.

  3. -If the coach gives you the green light they will also give you further instructions on what to do. Please note that nothing will be repeated, you will need to follow along as best you can for the rest of the class. If it is not possible for you to join, you have the option of doing mobility work (we recommend the app @gowod_mobilityfirst) or waiting for the next class if there is space.

Please note that being on time means being ready to start at the designated class time, not walking through the door. These are the little things that can easily irritate people and cause others to not have the best hour of their day, not just the coaches. You will always be on time if you are 5min early.

3- Failing to plan is planning to fail

You can register to class up to an hour before, but you must cancel at the latest 2 hours prior to the start of class. We appreciate the effort you make when registering. When that is absolutely impossible, you can notify Wonderland by email or text message. This way, especially for cancellations, we can bump people who are on the waiting list. Please note that we will not remove your reservation.

4- Our community will grow

Just like last year, we expect to have many new faces coming through our doors. In order to minimise the disruption we have created a FREE TRIAL class on Saturdays at 11am. If you have friends and/ or family that would like to come try Wonderland we invite them (and you) to attend this class. They will get the same great programming, coaching, and challenge as the regular class.

Attendance will most likely be high for the next couple of weeks. We appreciate your cooperation in following the procedures mentioned above. If you have any questions, talk to a coach or send us an email:

We look forward to another great year helping you reach your goals.


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