Specialty Class: reach your goals faster- Strength

The goal of our Specialty class is to focus on one area of CrossFit for 8 weeks to help you develop this particular area. Turning a potential weakness into a strength.

Starting on Monday March 2nd and for the next 8 weeks we will be focusing on STRENGTH: more specifically squats.

This focus will be two fold: increasing your 1 RM as well as increasing your power output (speed) while squatting. We will be ALL the squats: Back squat, front squat, OHS.


Here is a sample of the programming to give you a better understanding:

Warm up: 10min

Back squat MAX EFFORT:

10x 1 to reach your heaviest for that day

Accessory: 1 min rest between sets

#1 4x 8 seated good morning

#2 4x 10 weighted jumping squat

#3 4x 10 GHD back extension

4x 30 sec weighted plank

Cool Down: 5min

If you would like to add this type of class to your membership please note that you can do so for 25$ +tx/ month OR upgrade your membership from 3x week to unlimited.

Send us an email with your request: info@crossfitwonderland.com

We look forward to seeing you get stronger and improve.


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