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Get to know your coach.

Out of all the careers in the world, why did you choose to be a fitness/nutrition coach

I didn't choose to become a coach, the coach life chose me. I fell into it over time while developing my passion for CrossFit.

What is your favorite part about coaching your clients?

​The favorite parts about coaching my clients:

  • Witnessing their growth and seeing them push beyond their boundaries.

  • Observing their determination, especially when they are dying a little. (Just kidding!)

Why did you want to become a coach at Wonderland?

I was attracted to Wonderland because of its uplifting environment and tight-knit community. The open-minded atmosphere resonated with me, and knowing I had friends there made it even more appealing. I wanted to lend my support and help in any way I could. The unique opportunities and the center's progressive vision for fitness and sports were also significant factors. Above all, I genuinely feel at home and thrive in Wonderland.

What is your mission as a coach at Wonderland?

My mission is to guide members in their journey, ensuring they achieve their desired goals.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a professional coach?

Every time I see progress, even the tiniest of strides, I do a little happy dance inside. Maybe outside too, but I'll never admit to it. It's like being a proud plant parent, but, you know, with humans. 🕺🌟

Please describe any special things you have accomplished in this business.

In my time in this business, I've achieved notable milestones. I've delved into photography, consistently receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers and honing my skills in the process. Additionally, I've successfully fostered and enhanced my relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are always met.

Do you have any other skills or training people should know about? Degree? Certificates? Experience? List anything that has made you more qualified to help as a coach.

I have a diverse set of skills and qualifications that complement my coaching. While I approach my profession with a light-hearted spirit, I hold a Civil Engineering degree, which is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Quebec. Additionally, I have a Master's in Construction Engineering, specializing in infrastructure and water resources. I've earned a BIA (Brevet initiation à l'aéronotique), an introductory aviation certificate. Beyond the academic sphere, I have a musical background, having played the piano, drums, and guitar. And on a sporty note, I was pretty decent at snowboarding.

How do you contribute and build Wonderland’s perceived value.

Firstly, I capture moments and milestones through photography. These visuals not only document our collective journey but also serve as a testament to the dedication and growth of our community members.

Secondly, I firmly believe in the power of mindset. By consistently showing up and encouraging our members to do the same, we foster an environment where commitment is both recognized and rewarded. I am a staunch advocate for the idea that the first step to transformation is merely being present.

Lastly, I aim to lead by example. By setting a standard of excellence in both my personal and professional life, I hope to inspire and instill confidence in our members, showing them what is possible through dedication and hard work.

Describe your ideal client avatar

Hmm, are we talking about the smurfy-blue one or the one juggling air, fire, earth, and water? Jokes aside, my ideal avatar is the kind who gives it their all to progress. They've got ears tuned to instruction and a heart that looks out for both the folks around them and the gear they use. But let's not forget the cherry on top: they're having an absolute blast doing what they do!

How do you deal with client inaction?

Alright, here's the game plan:

  1. One correction or cue -> Implement it -> Fabulous!

  2. Spot the same hiccup twice? We'll chat again.

  3. Three strikes? Well, if you're not vibing with the change or struggling, that's cool beans. We'll roll with it as long as you're not channeling your inner daredevil or putting our awesome members at risk! 🚀😉

What is your coaching style?

I'm a firm believer in the principle of "Less talk, More movements." I feel that lengthy speeches often don't serve the purpose, especially in a dynamic setting like ours. Instead, I prefer to get right into the action, using movements as the primary form of instruction.

Additionally, I pride myself on being adaptable to the needs of our members. I understand that everyone has a unique learning style. Depending on what a member comprehends best, I might use verbal cues, physical adjustments, or demonstrations to ensure clarity and effectiveness in my coaching.

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