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CrossFit Wonderland integration process

Becoming the next Wonderlander

Setting yourself up for success doesn't happen magically. Integrating into a community isn't easy.

Those are only 2 of many reasons we have refined our welcoming process at Wonderland.

We believe that how you start matters.

Whether you are looking to get stronger, loose weight, establish a fitness routine and nutritional habits you can maintain for the next 40 to 50 years so you can fully enjoy life into yours 80s, CrossFit Wonderland can help.

Step 1

Choose your integration process

The goal of the integration is to build the coach - athlete relationship. This is how we can help you achieve your goals.

We do not want you to fall through the cracks, which happens more often than not when people jump into classes. 

At CrossFit Wonderland, you can choose the integration that best suits your neeeds: groupe vs private training.


CrossFit Wonderland


- Faster: you can integrate the groupe classes faster

- Personal attention: whether you have CrossFit experience or not, working one on one with an experience coach is a valuable opportunity.

Success: sets you up for short, medium and long term success

CrossFit Wonderland


- Social & Fun: you enjoy the group ambiance 

- Develop sustainable habits: helps you build your weekly routine so you never want to skip a class.

- Success: sets you up for long term success


WHAT : 5 CrossFit classes (45min) + 1 nutrition & lifestyle class consultation

WHEN : Availabilities are Monday to Friday at 11h00am - 1h00pm - 2h00pm

COST : 382$ + tx


WHAT : 9 group classes over 3 weeks-

max 8 athletes per class

WHEN : Starting July 8th

to July 27th

Classes are M - Tu - Th at 8h15 am

OR 6h30pm 

COST : 180.00$ + tx

AVAILABILITY: Now, book your consultation

Step 2

Book your free consultation

Now that you have decided which option is best for you, or if you are unsure which path to take, it is time to book your free health and fitness consultation.

This consultation allows us to start to get to know you, your goals and your needs better, but also answer any questions or concerns you may currently have about us or starting your CrossFit journey at Wonderland.

The consultation is done online through ZOOM.

*N.B. If you are interested in the group integration, you can book your consultation and reserve your spot now. We will keep everyone who has an upcoming membership informed of the exact start date of the integration.

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